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Waive Your School's Insurance

This page is for those students who wish to opt-out (waive) out of the coverage under their school’s student insurance plan. The school’s student insurance plan can only be waived if the student has coverage under another acceptable insurance plan.

The first step to waive out of your school’s student insurance coverage is to verify that you are an eligible student.

 2020-2021 Waiver Information

Student Eligibility

Students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is purchased. The 31 day requirement is waived for Summer if the applicant was enrolled in this plan in the immediately preceding Spring term. Home study, correspondence and online courses do not fulfill the Eligibility requirements that the student actively attend classes. The Company maintains its right to investigate Eligibility or student status and attendance records to verify that the policy Eligibility requirements have been met. If the Company discovers the Eligibility requirements have not been met, its only obligation is to refund premium.

Eligible students who do enroll may also insure their Dependents. Eligible Dependents are the student’s legal spouse and dependent children under 26 years of age. Dependent Eligibility expires concurrently with that of the Insured student.

U.S. citizens are not eligible for coverage as a student or a Dependent

Student Waiver Instructions

  • Annual/Fall Waiver Deadline: 9/30/20

Before you submit your waiver, please review the College of Charleston Checklist to make sure that your insurance meets the College of Charleston requirements.

– Available Soon!

After you verify that you are required to waive and have other insurance you will need:

  • Your current health insurance plan ID card,
  • Your health insurance brochure or plan description in ENGLISH

Once you have completed the waiver form, an email will automatically be sent to the email address you provided notifying you of the waiver request decision. If you receive a:

  • Approval e-mail – Your waiver was approved. You should print this e-mail and save it for your records.
  • Denial e-mail – Your waiver was denied. If you would like us to look this over or if you answered a question incorrectly, please contact us.
  • Pending e-mail – Your waiver is now pending for review. You need to send a copy of your policy in ENGLISH to or by fax to 267-406-4191.


If you have eligible Dependents in the Fall or are a student in the Fall semester and are eligible to purchase coverage and you choose not to enroll for coverage before the Annual/Fall Enrollment Deadline, your Dependents or you will not be eligible to enroll again until the start of the next fall unless you experience a Qualifying Life Event during the year.

 Qualifying Life Event

If you did not enroll during your open enrollment period and have since lost coverage under your original plan, you may qualify for a Qualifying Life Event upon providing proof of involuntary loss of coverage and payment within 30 days of losing coverage (example: marriage, divorce, loss of job, etc.)

The enrollment form, check or money order, and letter of creditable coverage must be received within 30 days of losing coverage. After 30 days the student will no longer be eligible to enroll in the plan until Fall of the following school year.

Please CONTACT US for cost and enrollment information as a Qualifying Life Event.


If you have any questions about the waiver process, please call 1-888-251-6253 or CONTACT US

We are always happy to help in any way.


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