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Health Advocate

Health Advocate is an added bonus when you enroll in a UnitedHealthcare student medical plan. Your Health Advocate benefit, provided by Allegheny College, includes three important features: Healthcare Help, MedChoice Support, and Medical Bill Saver. This all-in-1 benefit is designed to help you and your enrolled dependents personally navigate the healthcare maze, make better decisions about your medical care, and lower your medical bills.

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Healthcare Help

What is Health Care Help?
You have unlimited access to a Personal Health Advocate (PHA), typically a registered nurse, supported by medical directors and billing and claims specialists. The PHA can help you resolve a full range of clinical and insurance-related issues quickly and dependably, saving you time, money, and worry.

How Does it Work?
If you have a healthcare or insurance-related issue, call our toll-free number. You’ll be assigned a PHA who can help you with issues from finding qualified providers and services, to clarifying health coverage, addressing claims and billing concerns, to offering cost estimates for common medical procedures.

Reasons to Call

  • Find the right doctors, hospitals,
  • Schedule tests, appointments,
  • Secure second opinions,
  • Untangle Claims, billing errors,
  • Navigate your insurance plan,
  • Explain conditions, treatments, and
  • Help you make informed decisions.


MedChoice Support

What is MedChoice Support?
MedChoice Support is an interactive online tool that helps you weigh the pros and cons of procedures, treatments, and medications, including the risks and potential outcomes to help you make the right decisions about your care.

How can it Help?

  • Step-by-step guidance for healthcare decisions, using evidence-based information, on topics from surgery to alternative treatments,
  • Personal assessments gauge feelings and decisions, and
  • Downloadable summary to share with your healthcare team.

To access MedChoice Support, please CLICK HERE.


Medical Bill Saver

What is Medical Bill Saver?
The Medical Bill Saver feature provides skilled negotiators who will work with your providers to lower your out-of-pocket costs on your medical or dental bills over $400 not covered by your insurance. We can attempt to negotiate bills to help reduce the balances that apply to deductibles and coinsurance.

How can it Help?

  • Negotiation can result in 25-50% savings.
  • Easy-to-read personal Saving Result Statement, summarizing outcome and payment terms.
  • Provider sign-off on payment terms and conditions.

All three features are available to students and their dependents who are enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare student medical plan. If you have a question about who is covered for service, simply call us.


Contact Health Advocate

Help is Only a Phone Call Away!

Phone Number:

                                                    Health Advocate can be accessed 24/7.