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Welcome to the Sports Athletic Insurance Center! Follow the Instructions below to get started.

As soon as the injury occurs, contact the Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer or a designated person in the Athletic Department. They need to document the injury and notify us with the injury details. This is one step towards a speedy turn-around time on your claim.

How to Submit a Sport Claim

Download our Athletic Claim Guide


What does my provider need to know? 

Your provider will need to know where to send your claim, the phone number to call for benefits and to verify coverage, how they can submit your claim and what they should include. The Claim Submission Information Form will answer these questions. Please make sure to take this form with you when visiting your provider, as it supplies your provider with accurate instructions on how to submit the claim on your behalf.

Claim Submission Information Form


Can Someone Help Me?

If you would like someone from your Athletic Department or a parent to assist you with filing your claim and to be able to discuss details of your claim with our claim department, you will need to complete and sign a PRA (Personal Representative Appointment) Form. The Yearly Authorization Form gives us permission to discuss any and all medical conditions with your Personal Representative, throughout the school year. This form is filled out once and is good for every injury for the entire school year.

Personal Representative Appointment Form/Yearly Authorization Form


Need More Help?

If you don’t see what you are looking for or would like to talk to a live representative, it will be our pleasure to personally assist you. We give you two options on how to contact us!

  • To speak to a live Customer Service Representative, please call 1-267-880-2300 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST.
  • You may also email your comments/questions to Customer Service Representative by following the Contact Us link. We pride ourselves on returning all emails.